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Among the main issues that Flagstaff citizens run into in terms of IRS back taxes is feeling overwhelmed and concerned regarding the money they owe. With the IRS sending threatening letters and notices, revenue officers, and even taking away assets, cash and property, it could be a very frightening encounter.

We consider that no one should need to go up against the IRS alone anymore.

It is only not fair what they get normal tax payers through, and we consider they must not get away with it any longer.

That is why, for a limited time only, people who are having trouble with back tax debt in the state of Arizona, but more particularly Flagstaff may qualify for a free 7 Day Free Trial of all of our tax relief services. That means you don’t pay a penny for the complete use of our seasoned team for a complete week.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee that’s on top of our no questions asked.

What are you looking forward to? The longer that you put it off and wait, the more penalties and interest costs the IRS will tack on to the amount that you owe. Take action and call our Flagstaff team a call today to get started!

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Avoid being conned by a Arizona tax aid firm, and let our BBB A Rated team help you

A lot of people are law abiding Flagstaff citizens and they dread the threats of IRS actions. Seeing this as a good chance, plenty of tax resolution businesses out there set out like vultures circling on these diminished victims. These firms lure innocent individuals into their scams and commit consumer fraud and even theft! Therefore, caution should be exercised by you when you’re attempting to find a tax resolution company for yourself.

What Scammy Companies can do

Not all Arizona tax relief companies who guarantee to negotiate together with the IRS for you are trustworthy. Consequently, preventing IRS tax help scams is very significant because there are so many deceptive businesses out there. It’s likely to prevent being taken advantage of, all you have to do is to train yourself in this regard and to follow a few useful hints! An authentic tax resolution firm will consistently folow a mutually acceptable financial arrangement wherein the payments can be made on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

Secondly, it is best to be very cautious when you’re picking a certain tax resolution company to work with. Should they guarantee you the desired outcomes or state that you simply qualify for any IRS program without going through a complete financial analysis of your current scenario then chances are the business is deceptive. After all, it is impossible for companies to pass such judgment without going through your complete fiscal evaluation first. Thus, do not fall for their sugar coated promises and search for other genuine firms instead.

How to research the tax relief firm

The internet is a storehouse of information, but you must be careful about using such information. For handling your tax associated difficulties do not just hire any random business with great ads or promotional campaigns. In order to pick the right company, it is best to study about the same in the Better Business Bureau site and see their ratings or reviews. So, doing your homework and investing time in research is definitely a shrewd move here.

A site that has a great rating on BBB is unquestionably one which you can put your trust in. We are a BBB A+ rated Flagstaff firm, we help individuals by alleviating their IRS back tax debts. Our tax alternatives are reasonable, in order to ensure that your tax debts are removed, we do not merely negotiate on your own behalf together with the Internal Revenue Service, but instead develop a practical strategy first. We do all the hard work for you while you concentrate on different important elements of your life. Due to our vast experience and expertise in the field, you can rest assured your tax problems would be solved promptly and efficiently when you turn for help to us.

If you've had a tax lien placed on property or your house, you must act quick to prevent future levies

What is a lien?

A federal tax lien is a lien imposed by the government to legally claim against your assets if by any chance you are unable to remunerate your tax dues. The lien cushions the authority’s claim to all your present property, inclusive of personal, financial and real estate assets. Normally, a federal tax lien is imposed whenever your responsibilities are analysed by the IRS, when they deliver to you a bill that lays out into detail how much you are owed and also when you decline to pay your debts on program. Liens typically record the exact figure owed to IRS at the precise time it is levied in a public file called the Notice of Federal Tax Lien. The file notifies lenders the government has a right to confiscate your property at just about any given time. This specific info is conventionally obtained by credit reporting agencies that are different hence tax liens finally reflect on your own credit reports.

Federal tax liens can readily be averted from being lodged by paying up all your tax dues before the IRS decide to impose a lien on your own assets, and also. They can be evaded through establishing payment deals which sufficiently match the requirements of the IRS as not to file a lien. A federal tax lien can’t be filed if a taxpayer decided to prepare a streamlined or guaranteed installment accord. Such agreements require the taxpayer maintain a balance of $10,000 or an amount less than that for the bonded payment treaty and for the streamlined agreement it that is, should be $25,000 or less. In a situation where the taxpayer owes more than $25, 000, a tax lien may be avoided if he or she tries their best to reduce that particular outstanding balance to just $25,000 or less and alternatively lays out a streamlined treaty. There are two methods of removing tax liens: release and withdrawal.

How can I get my tax lien removed?

Drawing federal tax liens is like it never existed when the lien to being revoked by the IRS resort. The lien is filled erroneously, lien withdrawals generally take place. In a case where the tax lien is mistakenly filed, contact the IRS as soon as possible. The IRS representatives will assess your account in order to substantiate that you have no tax arrears then take the necessary steps in withdrawing the lien.

Releasing a national or Arizona state tax lien typically means that your assets are no longer constrained by the lien that is imposed. Instantly after lien releasing, the county records will instantly be brought up to date to demonstrate that’s has been released. However,the presence of a federal tax lien once will be displayed in your credit reports for 10 years. Liens are usually released within a month of clearing the outstanding tax arrears or upon creating the streamlined and guaranteed arrangements.

What to Do Next

To sort complex lien problems encountered, for instance discharge,withdrawal,subrogation and subordination (Set advisory group), Resolving fundamental lien issues, requesting or checking a lien, releasing a lien (Centralized Lien operation), Guidance from organizations within IRS (Taxpayer Advocate service), Inquiring whether bankruptcy impacted your tax arrears (Centralized insolvency operation),don’t be unwilling to go to our offices to assist you in effectively removing your tax liens by settling your debts on schedule to avoid the authorities from confiscating your property or alternatively you can give us a call as well as our Flagstaff representatives shall be able to help you navigate through any impending federal tax liens.

Imagine no more notices and letters being sent to your Flagstaff home or company. Our team can help.

Notices and IRS Letters are sent to those who have not paid all of their tax obligation or haven’t filed their tax returns. The IRS is responsible for collecting taxes due from citizens to ensure that the Federal Government has the money to run its business. The Internal Revenue Service presumes that taxpayers who fail to pay their taxes and who are delinquent in filing their tax returns are dismissing the reason taxes are important. The IRS also supposes that citizens do not have an excellent reason for not meeting their tax obligations. Competitive pursuit of these taxpayers is the reason why IRS letters and notices are sent. Individuals who have filed their tax returns but have not paid all of the taxes which are due, may also get IRS letters and notices. Delinquent citizens are on the Internal Revenue Service radar for performing group actions that is fleet. Taxpayers have to recall the IRS does not have to initiate any court action to impose wages, bank accounts and property. Even pension income can be attached.

Many IRS letters and notices are sent to impose a punishment on the citizen. Penalties are prolific now. Now the different of fees is 10 times that number, although in 1988, there were only 17 fees the IRS could levy. The Internal Revenue Service also has over 75 different letters and notices it can send to individual citizens. Some of these can surely become serious difficulties for the taxpayer.

Some Examples of Notices

Low-Reported Tax Debt

A notice that asserts their income has been under reported by a taxpayer in Flagstaff is a serious matter. Often, this could be accommodated readily, in the event the IRS claim is valid but the taxpayer will be assessed a fee along with interest. If this notice crosses more than one year of tax filings, then the taxpayer might be accused of filing a fraudulent return. The fees and also the interest will amount to an unimaginable amount of money irrespective of the perceived intention.

Wage Garnishing

A notice that threatens to attach a taxpayer’s wages, bank account or property is serious. This notice follows letters which have been sent to the taxpayer in an effort to solve the delinquency before it attains the collection activity.

Home Lien

A notice stating the IRS has filed a lien on the taxpayer’s property also follows letters of intent to take this action. The notice will include the amount of the governmental agency as well as the lien where it was recorded. The IRS may also induce the sale of the property to acquire satisfaction of the lien. If a sale is planned, a notice will be issued.

What you should do with a IRS notice

The taxpayer should never ignore IRS letters and notices. Instead, they need to immediately seek help with these possible risks to their financial protection. Contacting our BBB A+ Flagstaff law firm is even more significant if a letter or notice has been received.

It's time to cease the revenue officers from harassing you, once and for all!

What is an IRS Revenue Officer?

Representative or an IRS official is an average visitor to your Arizona business or daily life. Getting a differentiation between the two is important that you understand how to deal with each. An IRS representative has the principal function of auditing tax returns. They send notifications regarding at hand audits via e-mail. When you get an email from IRS representative, you can go to local IRS office or an agent comes over to your home or company to audit returns.

An IRS officer on the other hand deals with more complicated tax problems. For instance, whenever an IRS agent finds that you haven’t paid taxes on a specific source of income, your case is called IRS official. Hence the primary occupation of an IRS official is to take care of back tax liability or a tax debt. The primary differentiation between the two is that whereas an agent checks to validate that the right tax liability has been filled by you, an IRS official merely enforces regulations to collect overdue taxes from you.

The Internal Revenue Service assigns you a revenue officer in these conditions:

Failure to Gather Taxes

When the IRS has failed to successfully collect taxes from you using the regular channels like levies, telephone calls, notices and e-mails.

Un-Filed Back Tax Returns

Like payroll taxes when you fail to pay certain kind of taxes.<?p>

Huge Tax Debts Owed

A standard figure being 25,000 dollars or more., when your tax liability is substantially large

Recall IRS revenue officers are mandated by law to undertake measures to recover the taxes. These measures may include problem levies, confiscate and repossess property, freeze assets or wage garnishments. Anticipate these officers to appear at your house or place of businesses sudden or without prior communication. In rare cases, the officers might call you or send you e-mails summoning you to their offices. Try and cooperate with them to prevent further complicating your case and attempt to pay you over-due taxes to the widen your income can accommodate. In case your case is complicated or the tax sum demands you to work out a plan to pay, you will need the professional services of an attorney.

What You Should Do if you Face {a Revenue Officer|an IRS Revenue Official

If you are unable to pay off your debt immediately, the IRS officer might request financial records and some files. Filling these forms ought to be done correctly and precisely thus the services of an attorney are required. Consequently, when you get these forms, the first thing to do would be to call a lawyer.

Also, an attorney in Flagstaff will review your financial situation and work out the best paying strategy with all the IRS revenue officials. A lawyer get you a adaptive one and can easily negotiate should you be given tight datelines. Remember, there are lots of choices that may be offered by the policeman. A common one in case related to payroll late would be to evaluate and assign you a retrieval fee trust fund. For this to happen, an interview must be conducted to ascertain who is the actual perpetrator between a person along with a business and having an attorney in this interview in Arizona is a matter of necessity.

An Offer in Compromise agreement could save you up to 90% on your back tax debts

What is it

The IRS helps the customer faced with serious tax issues instead or by paying bailing them out up to less compared to the amount owed. Nevertheless, not all citizens that are troubled qualify for IRS Offer in Compromise Deal. This is only after evaluation of the client was carried out, because qualification is based on several variables. The IRS Offer in Compromise Arrangement has an instrumental role in helping citizens with distressed fiscal challenges solve their tax problems. What this means is that the IRS functions as the intermediary that helps their tax debt is paid by the taxpayer in the mode that is most convenient and flexible.

How Hard is it to Qualify for an Offer in Compromise agreement?

Filling the applications does not ensure the Flagstaff taxpayer an immediate qualification. The IRS begins evaluation procedure and the overall assessment that may leave you incapable of settling your taxes. These applications are then supported with other relevant documents that’ll be used by the IRS to determine the eligibility of the taxpayer for an Offer in Compromise Deal. Nonetheless, there are a few of the few qualifications procedure that has to be satisfied totally be the citizen. These are the three fundamental tenets of qualification that every citizen seeking help from IRS must meet in order to be considered.

What to Do now

Therefore if you are one of those citizens in need of care and guidance when it comes to IRS, then BBB A+ rated tax law firm serving Flagstaff is there for you to help negotiate an IRS Offer in Compromise deal. This really is an incredible law firm that may function as a yard stick for individuals who need help that is suitable in negotiating for an IRS offer in compromise arrangement. Don’t hesitate to contact them because they’ve a strong portfolio and a good safety reputation. They’ve a team of dynamic and qualified professionals that are always on hand to assist you. Try them today and experience help like never before. It is just the best when it comes to negotiation of an IRS offer in compromise arrangement.

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What Tax Debt is Dischargeable?

Most unsecured consumer debts such as medical bills, utility bills, back lease, personal loans, government benefit overpayments, and credit card fees are dischargeable in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. There's an exception to clear in the event the cash, Arizona property, or services was obtained under false pretenses. The false pretense must have been made in writing to the lender and the misrepresentation should have been material, which means the portrayal was such that the creditor wouldn't have offered credit had the true facts been known. In addition, cash rulings are typically dischargeable, with a couple exceptions.

How Much Do Tax Lawyers Cost?

Reputable and most competent tax lawyers in Flagstaff will charge their clients on an hourly basis for all services. This will typically be an hourly cost of between $200 and $400. Typically, a tax attorney will require that a prepayment, which is called a retainer is made by their client. This retainer is going to be a prepayment based on the number of hours your tax lawyer believes they'll be working on your behalf. This hourly fee will be deducted from the retainer as the work nears end.

Should I Sign the Power of Attorney Form when Hiring a Tax Lawyer?

It is best that you sign the power of attorney form, when hiring a tax lawyer. The reason behind this is because in the event you sign a power of attorney, your lawyer has the capacity to communicate with the IRS so you don't have to. This can go a long way in reducing a number of the anxiety that's been put on you. The final thing you want is to end up in prison in Flagstaff and/or be slapped with large fines. Your tax attorney is able to help lower your penalty while you might not have the ability to avoid all trouble.

What Should I Prepare for a Meeting with my Tax Lawyer?

When intending to meet with your tax attorney, there are several matters that you should prepare. You should not use a preparer willing to e file your return only by using a pay stub (that is against IRS rules). You need to provide detailed advice about your financial situation on IRS Form 433-A, Collection Information Statement. This comprises info that is verifiable regarding your cash, property in Flagstaff, investments, available credit, assets, income, and debt. In addition to property, your anticipated future income is additionally included by the RCP.

How Much could an Offer in Compromise Save Me?

Because it lets you settle your tax debt for less than the full amount you owe an offer in compromise can save you a lot of cash. In the event you can not pay your tax liability that is full it might be a legitimate option, or a financial hardship is created by doing so. The IRS consider your unique group of facts and conditions. That is ability to pay, income, expenses for living in Flagstaff and asset equity. They generally approve an offer in compromise when the amount offered signifies the most they are able to expect to collect within a reasonable period of time.

Will negotiating with the IRS result in a higher tax debt if they find something out?

It happens that they find something out and when you're negotiating with the IRS, they may be harsh on you and even threaten you with charges that are serious. This really is one, and an extremely serious situation that you do not need to manage on your own. Generally, this really is caused by income tax evasion. If you do not, the IRS will take start to send you notices. The more time you go without paying or responding the more it appears that you are concealing.

How Does the IRS Offer in Compromise Work?

The IRS Offer in Compromise works in this way it permits you to settle your tax debt for significantly less than the full amount you owe. If you can't pay your complete tax liability it could be a legitimate option, or a financial hardship is created by doing so. The IRS consider Ability to pay your unique set of facts and circumstances; Income; Expenses; and Asset equity. The IRS normally approve an offer in compromise when the sum offered represents the most they can expect to collect in Arizona within a fair period of time.

Can My Tax Debt be Forgiven?

Yes, your Tax Debt may be forgiven, but the tax impact of cancellation or debt forgiveness will depend on your individual facts and circumstances. Typically, should you borrow money from a Arizona and the lender later cancels or forgives the debt, you may have to include the cancelled amount in income for tax purposes. The lending company is normally required to report the total amount of the canceled debt to you along with the IRS on a Form 1099-C, Cancellation of Debt. There are many exceptions to the taxability of debt that is cancelled, including bankruptcy or insolvency.

How Do I Negotiate Sales Tax Debt with the IRS?

By contacting the IRS, you can negotiate sales Tax Debt. The IRS will probably have contacted you by mail, to accumulate the full amount you owe. Call that person, and make sure you have all of their correspondence along with your tax documents prepared. Request an Offer in Compromise. The IRS agent will help you determine if you're qualified for an Offer in Compromise, that will settle your tax debt for less than that which you owe.

How Can I Eliminate My Tax Debt?

By asking for additional time to pay it's possible for you to eliminate your Tax Debt. You can request an additional 60 to 120 days to pay what you owe. For the Installment Plan by paying a tax debt of up to $25,000 off over as long as 60 months. Pay by credit card or debit card. You might have a credit card that provides a lower rate, possibly a zero percent teaser rate for a year. The IRA shuffle: You can not borrow from your IRA, but did you know that if you want to transfer the funds from one account to another, you have 60 days?