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Putting an end to your tax debt problems

Have you running to hard times with the money that you owe the IRS? Have they started sending threatening letters, notices and even revenue officers to your door? If so, we can put a stop to be harassment.

We can have levies, liens and garnishments lifted quickly, see you can get back to living your life of freedom. After the initial relief, we will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf, to get the best results for you.

We can get you into programs that you can afford, that allow you to reduce the amount you owe, and pay it back over time, so you can get out of debt once and for all. Give our firm call today.

Proudly Serving the State of Arizona

We are proud to serve the entire state of Arizona, and help its citizens get the relief that they need. From the larger cities and metropolises, to the small desert towns, we can help everyone.

Our major areas that we cover are Phoenix, Tuscon, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Yuma, Flagstaff, Lake Havasu City and Prescott.

So if you live in or around any of these larger cities, or in any of the smaller towns that surround them, give us a call today to find out how we can help you. We are licensed in all 50 states and can help anyone with the federal or state debt they’ve incurred.

Highest rated firm in the industry

Unfortunately, the tax release industry is full of scams, swindlers and people looking to take your money. The federal government even had to come in and close down many of the larger names (Tax Masters, JK Harris, Ronnie Deutch, etc.) for taking money from their clients without performing the work.

We have lasted through all of those companies, and continue to treat our clients like they were our own family. We have a BBB A+ rating, and have had it since we were in business. With thousands of satisfied clients all across the country, ready to tell you about their experience with us, we will be here for years to come to help you.

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Proudly Serving All of Arizona

Here's How the Process Works:

Free Initial Consultation and Financial Analysis

15 Minutes - We will go through your entire financial situation, step-by-step and see what programs you qualify for, determine how we can help, and answer any questions that you may have.


Research & Investigation

4-7 Days - Using the Power of Attorney, we will work with the IRS to determine what evidence they have against you (without disclosing anything), so we can create a plan of attack.


Fight for the Best Resolution

1-3 Months - After learning exactly what they have against you, we will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf, removing all the penalties we can, and fighting for a great settlement for you.



Forever - Once your tax burdens have been lifted, you can go on living your life again! You will finally be free of the burdens chasing you, and can start fresh with no tax debt!

Welcome to Arizona Instant Tax Attorney

Are you ready to finally take action, and get out of tax debt once and for all? Procrastinating on this has gotten you into the position that you’re in now, so it is time to finally put an end to it.

A short, 15 minutes phone consultation with one of our tax preparation experts, can give you the best information you can receive. It is a no obligation call, so you can take that information, and hire another firm, or use it yourself to negotiate with the government. The call is short, and the information is free.

But we think once you work with us, you will want to have us help you the rest of the way.

When your pipes are leaking, and your basement is flooded, the first thing you do is call an expert plumber. Sure you can try to fix it yourself, and duct tape the pipes, but that’s not going to work very long, or very well. The same is true in tax relief. Sure, you can tried to handle it your self, but it is faster, and you will get better results by calling an expert firm like ours.

Find out how we can help you, by giving us a call today.

Proudly Serving All of the Beautiful State of Arizona